Starting up

Because the fear of a blank page is a real thing, I have decided to take a leap and make the first post to our new blog…

So, welcome! This is Thoughtpost, a software company based just outside of Charlotte, NC, and we have created a new and powerful platform for creating chatbots. There are a million things going on right now that we want to talk about, but here is a short list to get us started:

  • We just completed the Ventureprise program at UNCC, which helped us focus on our customer discovery and was invaluable in shaping our direction, and also introduced us to an amazing group of entrepreneurs in the Charlotte area
  • Version 1.0 of our chatbot platform is being tested on multiple messaging platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS, web chat, and starting today, Amazon Alexa
  • Need a chatbot? Or maybe you need think you need an app or some feature beyond your basic website or Facebook page? We are looking for beta customers to be part of our pilot.
  • We have created a public Trello page here┬áto help us track our progress and to keep our development roadmap transparent
  • We will be attending the Charlotte Venture Challenge to meet and support other startups in the community

This is just the beginning, but we are excited about the road ahead of us!

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